PT. Victorindo Kencana Teknik

Impact Crusher

PT. Victorindo Kencana Teknik selling Impact Crusher and have been trusted for a long time in this field. Impact Crusher is the core machine of a series of other stone crushers. The way this type of stone cutting machine works is to use a rotating hammer which then hits the material. Furthermore, the material is dropped through the chimney, so the stone is crushed by repeated blows. Stone fractions are usually used for house construction, road construction, buildings, factories and other industries.
We sell impact crushers that are very tough and have the capacity needed. Impact crushers are suitable for breaking stones which have the characteristics of a non-abrasive material with a water content of 12%.
We provide various types of impact crushers that can be tailored to the needs of your industry. For detailed information on both the price and specifications of the impact crusher, please contact us.

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